Guide - Unlocking the speed limit on your e-bike for free I figured out a way of getting past the 15mph speed limit (or whatever it is where you live) with e-bikes. Carrera Vulcan E Electric Mountain Bike – 18”, 20”, 22” Frames. They combine the fast wheels of a road bike with the versatility and durability of a mountain bike.Combine the versatility of a hybrid bike with an electric bike, and you get an excellent device to commute to work on or to take on relaxing weekend rides. Carrera Vulcan has some of the best components and spec on test, and it’s clear this is where Carrera has spent its money, creating a good entry level bike. Staying safe while we stay open - Please turn it on so that you experience this site's full capabilities. There are 27.5 inch off-road tyres and plenty of Shimano gears to handle the terrain. Its benefits from lightweight aluminium frame, mechanical disc break front and back, front suspension and shimano group sets. This means less able riders can enjoy the countryside with greater ease. This means that this feels like a more high-end option for serious adventures. To begin with, there is the extra speed from the 27 Speed Shimano gearing system. The best should allow for a decent speed and distance with no effort from the rider. Specs. Utilising a 2x 9-speed groupset, the 11-34t cassette will help the steepest ascents become manageable. This Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike has 27.5’’ wheels with a good grip on the Kendra K1027 tyres. Learn more. The 9ah battery on this GreenEdge CS2 Electric Mountain Bike is powerful enough to keep this bike running for up to 35 miles. The main problem with buying online is if there is a problem a few months or a year down the line, after sales support is sometimes non-existent. Top speed 30 mph. There are some small differences between models, such as the 316Wh battery in this case, but the set-up and connections are the same. This one stands out a little more because of the shape of the frame and the bold green and black colour scheme. There are some high-end components with the 9-speed Shimano gear system, the hydraulic brakes and the Suntour suspension fork. Another notable feature of the Vulcan E battery is that you can easily detach it from the e-bike and charge it elsewhere. The problem is that some people feel as though they aren’t fit enough or experienced enough to make the most of them. As an essential retailer our stores, garages and mobile experts remain open with continued safety measures in place. This is a three part system seen in this Vengeance and the Vulcan above. But, this may depend on the use of the environmental eco-mode. It is easy to neglect some lesser features to focus on the electric elements. It is the little details, once again, that add to the appeal here. Carrera Vulcan E has always sat in this “no man’s land” where it is not particularly cheap, but it is not too expensive. Once chosen, this date and time is unable to be amended. Carrera Vulcan Mountain Bike, 27.5" wheels, medium . It has 27 gears on offer. Carrera XC Vulcan mountain bike in fabulous condition. Carrera vulcan with throttle. mountain bike medium carrera vulcan. Usually people buy £70-£150 modules that have to be plugged into the controller which send signals at a rate that is calculated to be slower than 15mph. Discount is applied when both products are added to basket. Sign up to keep up-to-date on everything happening in the world of Halfords. This 27.5" bike features a 2 x 9 speed Shimano Altus drivetrain with the same Clarks Clout hydraulic disc brakes and the Hellcat. this is a conversion custom bike 2018 model no idea on milage. Carrera Vulcan e-bike. Whenever you need it, we'll check your bike or scooter is safe to ride. Compared to a high quality bike from a trusted brand, a low quality product will cost you more in the long term. This consistency in the mechanics means a sense of reliability over the quality of the product. It is also has a capacity of 140 Wh, and this … The interesting thing with this ebike is that the designers don’t appear to have made any compromises. £430.36 ... Back to home page Return to top. The battery re-charges in just 6 hours, and comes with a full 2-year / 500 charge warranty. Carrera Vulcan Mountain Bike, IT LOOKS MUCH BETTER ON THE PICTURE THAN REAL LIFE BUT YOU CAN SEE THE POTENTIAL NO DREAMERS ( A DEPOSIT OF 120 REQUIRED BY PAYPAL STRAIGHT … I checked the link below which leads to the forum for the Carrera crossfire e and there are no answers relating to whether or not it can be derestricted. Tweet. Condition Several cosmetic scuffs and minor scratches, but otherwise in great nick. The carrera crossfire e bike is controlled by a detachable LCD Suntour head unit. I was looking for a bike with disc brakes, 100mm of suspension travel and decent gears. I had a Vulcan a few years ago, paid £280 in the sale, at least I think it was, it was definitely a Carrera. With the Carrera Vulcan at your command, the thrill of the wilderness is just an e-ride away. Spec Value . While the model above aims to provide a great introduction and all-round appeal, this model focuses on quick motions and reactions. Carrera Crossfire E Bike Review. Carrera Vulcan E electric mountain bike The Vulcan E comes with a Suntour rear hub motor and a 417Wh battery for a range of up to 60 miles. Please enable cookies in your web browser to improve your shopping experience, Carrera Vulcan E Electric Mountain Bike – 20", Free build on bikes (£250 and over) by our expert bike technicians. The addition of the lightweight aluminium frame means that users should enjoy good speed and handling. Users can enjoy the assistive tech that comes from the 417Wh battery, sensor and motor. If you are looking for effortless electric riding, on and off road, the Vulcan E is an outstanding option. The motors are usually anywhere from 250 w to 750 w power, and the pedal assist for speed pedelecs cuts out at 28 mph, not 30 mph. Hybrid bikes provide the rider with the best of both worlds. Riders can also adjust the setting on the pedal assist function to suit their needs. The Carrera Vulcan E has always sat in that ‘no mans land’ where it is not particularly cheap, but it’s not overly expensive either. People are often reluctant to make an expensive purchase li… Removable Battery - Yes; Maximum Range - Up To 60 Miles; Recharge Time - 6 Hours; Make light work of mountains with the Carrera Vulcan E Electric Mountain Bike. Please note: If you select a Bike Built for collection in-store you'll book a collection day and time. >>> Best Hardtail Mountain Bike 2019: best reviewed mountain bikes under £375, £500, £750 and £1000. Regardless of the rider’s fitness level, climbing with the Carrera Vulcan is made easier by its lightweight aluminium frame, 9 speed Shimano Altus gear and motor-assisted boost. The first thing to look at with these models is obviously the way that it generates power to the bike. It makes some concessions to hit the £1,000 mark but, all things considered, offers plenty of … Carrera Vulcan E Electric Mountain Bike – 18”, 20”, 22” Frames. You don’t have to make a choice between a well-designed mountain bike with a simple battery, or a basic bike with great power features. You can have a strong battery and smart sensor and still have plenty of gears, suspension and good brakes. You can either collect your built bike in store or have it delivered. Carrera’s Vulcan model is one built with speed in mind. This Gtech eScent mountain ebike shows just how much attention to detail designers can put into these top rated electric mountain bikes. proper pedal assist with 5 levels. The higher price tag reflects some of the components in the specification. 4. . The Carrera Virtuoso road bike is a slightly heavier ride than the Vanquish, the Virtuoso weighing 11.6kg compared to the 10.5kg Vanquish. A £ 1,199 price tag might scare some potential buyers away, especially if you think that e-bikes like the Decathlon are excellent Rockrider E-ST500 £ 200 cheaper. Carrera Crossfire E Bike Specs review THE HEAD UNIT. Their latest 2020 model year, hybrid-style electric offering is the Crossfire E which uses a rear hub motor from far-eastern component manufacturer SR Suntour (of budget suspension fork fame). 20 hours ago. Initial thoughts and comments on the budget Carrera Vulcan e-bike, including specification and possible upgrades! Expertise. But, there are other important features for when riders don’t want to rely on this assertive tech. 5 of the best electric mountain bikes to consider include the following: Carrera is one of the leading brands in ebikes because they take the time to blend the electronic tech with some of their best mountain bike components. Buying an electric bike from an established retailer, that has stores in every large town and city makes perfect sense. Similar Carrera bikes. Choosing the right electronic mountain bike for your next adventure. There is the battery, motor and a sensor that allows for communication between the pedals and the motor. Carrera XC Vulcan mountain bike in fabulous condition. In addition to this, the e-bike weighs just 19kg, which isn’t bad for an electric model. This last two features aren’t that common in specification. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. This means a battery with a decent capacity, a strong motor and sensors to tell it when to start running. carrera vulcan e mountain bike .250 watt brushless motor very smooth uptake and very quite .will do about 50 miles on a full chargr .18 inch frame .27.5 wheels .purchased this bike from halfords in december 2019 .only done 158 miles on it mostly commuting to work and back. These bikes still need a good frame, reliable brakes and suspension, enough gears and a strong grip on the tyres. TEL: 01702-435566 10AM-5PM. The electric motor of the Carrera Vulcan is controlled via full LCD Suntour Head Unit. Regardless of the price tag, the Carrera Vulcan E has always been one of Halfords best-selling ebikes. The top entry for female riders will be the Carrera Vulcan. Make light work of mountains with the Carrera Vulcan E Electric Mountain Bike. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. One of the interesting things about this Carrera range is that they provide pretty much the same electronic system regardless of the model. What to look for in top rated electric mountain bikes. When it comes t… Only had cable discs but they were awesome, I put that bike through a lot of stress (Moorland riding, gravel tracks, shallow rivers, jumps etc) and it only let me down once when the crank sheared off. The addition of the 250w rear hub motor means reliable assistance as needed, as well as a top speed of 15mph. The best of these bikes are built to handle the terrain and allow for some serious outdoor pursuits. Spring morning commute on my Carrera Vulcan E Spec - Fulwood to Ecclesfield Sheffield UK using Gopro Hero 7 Black - hyper stabilisation! 24 speed Fork travel ... Just like to say bike ok but not very happy to find frame as split.I have only used the bike on for use, Philip Add your review. Carrera Vulcan Mens Mountain Bike - Blue. As standard on all Carrera E-bikes, the Vulcan comes with an integrated smart control system that protects the battery from overheating, short circuiting or overcharging. This Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike has 27.5’’ wheels with a good grip on the Kendra K1027 tyres. There is a 500Wh lithium-ion battery and an average top distance of 60 miles. Carrera Vulcan Mountain Bike, 27.5" wheels, carrera vulcan mountain bike in silver. Your browser's JavaScript functionality is turned off. specs: frame size: 18" , wheel size: 26" and speed: 24. Carrera is Halfords own-brand budget range of regular and electrically-assisted e-bikes. The 1 kw, referred to, is the size of the battery, not the motor. Learn More. this bike ... White 350W 36V Electric Bicycle e Bike 7 speed 20 mph Li-ion Battery LED Display. There are some brilliant top rated electric mountain bikes out there that can provide both. Finding the 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes, Check Out The Top Rated Electric Mountain Bikes of 2020. thumb throttle so no need to pedal. The lithium-ion battery on this eScent model has some impressive features beyond the 36V capacity. Take a closer look at some specifications, get a feel for the style and see what ebike is the best fit. The addition of the lightweight aluminium frame means that users should enjoy good speed and handling. Looking for the latest version of this bike? The models above provide the best experience for rider when the motor is on or off. Rediscover the joy of cycling Why not put an e-bike through its paces with a free 48-hour trial. The most eye-catching aspect is arguably the sub £1000 price tag, as there are very few e-mtbs at this price point that would be as capable as the Vengeance E. Buy the Vengeance E That is where an electric mountain bike can help. Carrera Vulcan V Spec 2009: £310: Spec Value . Esh Winning, Brandon and Byshottles. This is due to the 29er wheels, thick tyre, Shimano braking system and the extra gear on the 10 speed Deore gearing system. This, the responsive sensor and strong motor all help users go that extra mile. When not using the battery, riders can enjoy the full mountain biking experience thanks to a range of great features. Speed pedelecs are pedal assist, which means you must pedal pretty hard in order for them to reach top speed. Battery 20% off a Bike Rack when you buy a Bike Once riders stop pedalling, the motor kicks in. As specialists in eBikes and Scooters, we know the market well and only sell the best, most high quality brands. Users should be able to charge it up in 6 hours and ride for up to 50 miles. It helps that most towns and cities in the UK have a Halfords store. Next up is this great looking green and black model from GreenEdge. The 790 LED panel does not restrict the bike (your bike is not restricted), the motor has a noload speed at around 15mph. Buy the women's bike here at Halfords; Carrera Vulcan £375. It governs the motor performance and also, gives you several assistance modes when you need them. This ticked all the above boxes with the added bonus of suspension lockout and sram gearing. Hydraulic disc brakes add to the peace of mind when tackling unknown routes. This allows for a hybridised approach to the product. The £1199 price tag can put some potential buyers off, especially when you consider e-bikes like Decathlon’s excellent Rockrider E-ST500are £200 cheaper. This unisex model has enough here that most riders should appreciate their next journey on the trails. Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to