4. Iqy file can be selected from Data-->Import External Data--> Import Data And select iqy file and rest steps are same as Excel 2007. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Options dialog as below: Here you can select formatting styles and other options. You can also open Option dialogue from here. level 2 in 3rd line, On last line we give name of parameter and text for popup dialogue as I've give 'stock1' so 4th line will be "s=["stock1","Please enter a stock symbol:"]". Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and Here you can set refresh behavior of web query data. Open the iqy file in excel. One parameter for the file path, and other for the file name. IQY, or Internet Query files, are simple text files read by Excel that download data from the Internet. I initially thought there might be some issue with the date format so I've worked myself to the point where I am entering into the cell, the exact copy (&dates=2011-08-01,2011-08-05) as text. Do methamphetamines give more pleasure than other human experiences? I can't find any place to see what the final URL Excel is requesting, so it's a bit of a shot in the dark. I hope this will help in using Excel web query. Get-Process | Export-Excel c:\temp\ps.xlsx –Show. use "SEARCH" function of notepad to find query text and change your data to "?". Fill in this dialogue with the URL of the web page, the table of data … If you do not see this icon, click “Customize”, then “Allow Web Query” in the “More Options” tab, then “Save”. I just saved one of those files to my drive and cracked it … anytime. excel powerquery replacevalues based on cell, VBA: Web scraping with