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NIBC held its first national event in 2009 with the support of several investment banks to provide undergraduate and graduate students from all geographies an opportunity to develop and measure their skills on a global stage.


Founded in 2007 as a collaboration between students and industry, the National Investment Banking Competition & Conference (NIBC) brings together students from over 100 universities and 150 professionals in an annual Case Competition and Conference. The Competition attracts over 400 teams comprised of +1,600 Undergraduate and Graduate students from top schools across the world. The finalist teams present to a Managing Directors Panel at the annual Gala Dinner in front of over 350 students and 150 professionals. With the generous contribution and participation of 17 investment banks, 12 private equity and asset management firms, and several professional services firms, NIBC’s mission is to provide participants with a unique opportunity to develop investment banking skills and expand their professional network.

Competition: The Competition offers Undergraduate and Graduate students from across the world the opportunity to measure their skillset and be recognized by the professional community. Competitors are given the resources to develop and showcase their skills in financial analysis, modeling, and pitching, which are essential for careers in investment banking.

Conference: Please view a past Conference Prospectus. In conjunction with the Final Round of the competition, NIBC organizes a series of workshops, panels and presentations on investment banking and private equity deals by distinguished industry leaders. The event concludes with a Wine & Cheese, Gala Dinner and Evening Event giving students a unique opportunity to cultivate their professional networks early on in their careers.

NIBC Live Training Portal: Please review the Content Schedule. NIBC Live provides video tutorials and templates to NIBC competitors over the Summer prior to the First Round Case dissemination in the Fall. Content for NIBC Live was designed with the help of past organizing team members to provide First Round competitors from all backgrounds with practical guidance on how to prepare a corporate valuation and client review.