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FAQ (NIBC 2019-2020)

Registration for the 2019-2020 Global Competition will open in mid-July 2019. Information regarding the registration process for this year will be released in June. 

When does NIBC 2019-2020 registration open?

Please note that registration for NIBC 2019-2020 will open in mid-July. Full details regarding registration requirements and competition schedule will be provided upon registration opening.

Please visit the Competition Registration page for additional information

Is it possible to team up with students who are at different schools?

Unfortunately no, team members must all be registered in either undergraduate or graduate studies at the same school. 

My school is not listed as a participating school, can I still register? 

Yes! NIBC welcomes students from all recognised post-secondary educational institutes that are registered in undergradate or graduate programs. 

How is the Competition different from classroom case studies?

NIBC was designed to give competitors the resources, guidance and templates they would receive at an investment bank to produce the highest quality work product possible. The competition is not conceptualized as a classroom exercise with artificial omssions or challenges to test contestants.  

The First Round requires each team to submit a client-ready valuation and strategic review of a company, which a coverage banker might feel comfortable taking into the first meeting with a client. 

The Final Round places finalists in the position of a deal team one day before delivering a strategic recommendation to management and shareholders on a potentially game-changing transaction.  

The scenarios competitors are tasked to analyze follow current market trends and companies.  

The investment banking professionals adjudicating the First Round and Final Round review deliverables relative to the minimum standards expected in the industry.    

What am I expected to gain from participating in the First Round?

The First Round experience aims to give competitors an opportunity to develop the full skillset required from a summer intern and investment banking analyst. 

The instructions delivered to each team provide a detailed table of contents and in-depth explanation of what the client is likely to expect in the valuation and strategic review of their company. 

The competitor portal provides the type of online training modules used by banks, video tutorials, research guides, financial models, slide templates and past cases to help competitors work as efficiently as possible.

What more might I gain from advancing to the Final Round?

The Final Round offers the unique experience of working in a live transaction environment and using a fully functional financial model to analyze a transaction, create a compelling pitchbook and present recommendations to senior investment bankers in boardroom meetings downtown. 

The event features several keynote speakers, senior executives and investment banking and private equity professionals from several cities in North America including New York, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, to create a valuable networking environment for upcoming graduates. 

The pool of competitors provides an unparalleled experience to build relationships with high-caliber peers entering the investment banking industry all over the world. 

Should I compete in NIBC if I'm a first or second year student?

NIBC has value for junior year students too. For students less familiar with banking, the competition also provides a hands-on opportunity to get access to training materials and to learn more about the industry.

For students going through recruiting, this year’s competition dates were chosen in consultation with sponsors to take place in March 2020 before early internship commences in the US (and Canada) to allow sponsors to scout out talent ahead of their internship & full-time recruiting cycles. 

Should I compete in NIBC  if I’m going into 4th year and already have secured a work placement?

One of the main objectives of NIBC is to help competitors build a global network with professionals and other high-achieving students, whether they have already secured a placement or are looking to go through the recruiting cycle. NIBC also provides access to notable buy side firms for students looking to recruit for the buy side.

How can competitors prepare for the competition?

Upon registration, students will receive training material such as access to NIBC live tutorials, Corporate finance institute courses and templates. To further prepare, we suggest polishing you excel and powerpoint skills 

Will NIBC help me get start a career in investment banking? 

NIBC will not directly provide you with an internship or full-time position at an investment bank. However, NIBC can provide you with most of the training you will need to succeed during investment banking interviews and as a first-year analyst. 

Additional Questions

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