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Conference Overview

The Conference features a program that is designed to provide attendees with an unparalleled learning and networking opportunity through keynote speeches, panels, workshops, and networking events. Every year NIBC invites company founders, CEOs, and both senior and junior investment banking professionals to speak to attending students. With over 150 industry professionals and 350 students, NIBC represents a unique investment banking event in North America open to Graduate and Undergraduate students.

The Conference is open to non-competitors in addition to being attended by Final Round competitors, who successfully qualified in the First Round. As such, the two-day Conference is tailored to high-caliber delegates looking to hear from industry leaders and promote their professional networks early on in their careers.

In collaboration with its sponsors, NIBC is developing a collection of workshops, deal presentations and panels to be featured at the Conference. Delegates will have an opportunity to refine their practical understanding of topics such as Initial Public Offerings and Mergers and Acquisitions by listening to senior executives deliver presentations on recent marquee deals they closed. In addition, seasoned industry professionals will offer insights on discussion panels about Client Perspectives, Private Equity and Alternative Investments.