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Competition Overview

Competing in NIBC allows Undergraduate and Graduate students to distinguish themselves and attain international recognition from their peers and industry professionals. 

Please refer to the Competition Overview for the latest details on the current competition.

Participation in NIBC will provide hands-on experience and insight into the daily responsibilities of both junior and senior investment bankers. Competitors will utilize and develop skills essential for a successful career in investment banking including:

  • Researching and analyzing financial data
  • Running scenarios in financial models
  • Evaluating structural alternatives against client parameters
  • Creating pitch books
  • Presenting to senior management

The Competition culminates in a live pitch by finalist teams to Managing Directors of leading North American investment banks and an audience of 150 professionals and 350 students at the annual Gala Dinner.  


The goal of NIBC is to enable top competitors to present case submissions in the quality and authenticity expected from corporate clients. Instead of amending real life situations into more simplistic classroom applications, NIBC provides competitors with detailed guidance and templates that analysts and associates working at investment banks would receive when working through such complexities. 

In an effort to continuously improve the quality of the competition, competitors are given access to the Competitor Training Portal at as soon as they register, which provides video instructions and templates created by former organizing team members to prepare for the competition process. 


The Organizing Team works closely with the Case Committee to create create an authentic investment banking experience that focuses on real-life transactions involving publicly listed companies. 

The Case Committee is comprised of professionals who have dedicated their time and experience in financial analysis and transaction structuring to create authentic cases for NIBC since inception. Throughout the case creation process, the Case Committee screens companies, reviews trading comparables and precedent transactions, and consults with industry experts to identify suitable real-life situations.

Once a suitable industry and company for a transaction have been identified, the Case Committee works with members of the Organizing Team to construct industry grade valuation and transaction models in order to progress its financial analysis. The Case Committee also solicits input from research analysts and sector bankers on specific transaction ideas to develop its conclusions.

Upon completion of the analysis, the Case Committee produces a comprehensive financial model and pitchbook outlining its recommendations to board members and professionals, prior to adjudicating the competitor presentations. Since inception, the Case Committee has made every effort to publish materials for NIBC that would more than satisfy the standards of a corporate investment banking client


Please visit the Registration Page for the latest dates to register for the competition.

You will receive updates on the latest dates for this year's contest in the Competitor Portal once you have registered a team.

Training: Upon registration, teams will receive access to competition preparation tutorials and templates released through the NIBC Live competitor portal from the time of registration opening until the completion of the First Round.

First Round: The First Round begins with the dissemination of the First Round Case. Registered teams will receive a 100-page case package with a comprehensive valuation model template and detailed instructions. They will have 3 weeks to prepare their submission with the expected resolution time being 2 weeks. Competitors will submit their cases, after which the top 48-64 Undergraduate and Graduate teams will be invited to the Final Round held in Vancouver, Canada. 

Final Round: During the Final Round , finalist teams will receive a case package with refined research, datasets and a scenario-enabled transaction model.

Boardroom Panel: Teams will be given 8 hours of resolution time to analyze a realistic investment banking transaction and prepare a board presentation to a panel of experienced bankers in tiers of 8 teams per boardroom.

Gala Dinner Panel: The top Graduate and Undergraduate teams will present to a live audience of 500 professionals and students during the Gala Dinner. The Final Round Judging Panel comprised of Senior Managing Directors will then select the winning teams to which a $10,000-15,000 prize pool will be awarded.