I looked on the DDO Wiki but it doesn't say what the duration of Body of the Sun is. ... That includes 2000 ddo points, druid class, purple dragon knight iconic race, a few tomes of learning, tiefling and aasimar races. 10 Deity. Which is nearly meaningless, as humans are probably better than almost anything else at almost everything. An often neglected feature of Moon Druid's "Combat Wild Shape" feature is that you can spend a spell slot to heal 1d8 hit points per spell slot level. : Wild Shape 1: Wolf.6 Druid. Wolf: Focused on shape-shifting in w… It can be used 3 times / rest period with a 60 second cool down. Some way to communicate while in Wild Shape. 1. I think only one has an AC of 15. Character name: Foddur Party Shield Classes: 18 Druid, 10 Epic, 1 Fighter, 1 Wizard There are 3 main styles of druid. Remember that you can only Wild Shape twice per short rest, and the DMG's expectation of a normal adventuring day is 6-8 encounters per day with 2 short rests (See DMG Page 84: "The Adventuring Day"), so a single use of Wil… VAT where applicable. The Druid is considered to be a Beast in this form. Looks like a bear and the Druid is considered to be a Beast; Can be cast in combat [Aquatic Form] Level 16 19 Druid : Wild Shape 3: Fire Elemental. Therefore, avoid special attacks that interrupt your attack chain, for example Cleaves. Druids vestments will be an economical way to get an extra wild-shape in the levels where you could really use an extra use (levels 5 through 7). $99.99. Druidsare a beginner-friendly class with excellent healing capabilities, good buffs, and debuffing potential, but the druid's greatest strength is that they are the embodiment of crowd control: every druid build has multiple ways of locking their opponents down, making them easier to be killed. You can skip this bit if you’re an experienced character builder. Level 5 . Each wild shape has its own specialized set of spells to cast! They are also proficient with all natural attacks (claw, bite, and so forth) of any form they assume with wild shape (see below). .3 Druid. Druid Wild Shape Beasts for Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League . $19.99. 11 Cleric : Strength Domain. Let's look at the relevant rules for wild shape: Your game statistics are replaced by the statistics of the beast, but you retain your alignment, personality, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.You also retain all of your skill and saving throw proficiencies, in addition to gaining those of the creature. Level 30 True Neutral Shadar-Kai (6 Rogue / 6 Ranger / 8 Druid / 10 Epic) Starting Stats (36 Point), with +6 Tome used at level 1 Strength 16 Dexterity 16 Constitution 16 Intelligence 14 Wisdom 12 Charisma 6. Ending Stats Strength 27 Dexterity 22 Constitution 22 Intelligence 20 Wisdom 18 Charisma 12 Game Info. Each wild shape has its own specialized set of spells to cast! : Wild Shape 1: Bear.9 Druid. Lesser Tome of Learning (1 free tome per DDO Game World) Permanently increases experience earned by a character up to level 20. Since Druids are a divine spell casting class, the effectiveness of their spells is governed by their Wisdom score. Is it a short spell like Displacement or is it a Minute/Level one like blur? Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Druid Pack - Digital Download. All of the following are classfeatures of the druid. 4) Wild shape changes make the Druid class more accessible to new players and reduces complexity, need for player preparation, and record keeping. So yeah, humans are probably better druids than dwarves. Level 7 . Wild Shape should be broad enough to provide space for players to have greater freedom regarding how their particular druid uses wild shape, while maintaining a standardized format. And, like most birds, it has Keen Sight, so it makes Wisdom (Perception) checks with … $19.99. Special note that a Monk's Robe is not so good anymore, as Wis bonus is no longer transferred to AC. Working on a Bear Tank build. Prioritize the stats in this order, STR, CON, WIS, DEX. A warforged's racial abilities are all tied up into the fact they're a living construct. Artwork by Wizards of the Coast. And let's not forget shape-shifting. My Circle of the Moon Druid has a higher AC when he's not wild shaped than when he is wild shaped. Beginning at 18th level, you can cast many of your druid spells in any shape you assume using Wild Shape. I always recommend having a exported backup of your character, just in case. Hide armor plus a shield and no Dex bonus gives him an AC of 14 and all but a couple of the beasts that he wild shapes into have AC's lower than that. Provides +25% bonus to experience for first-time quest completions and +10% boost to other earned experience points. 15 Druid : Wild Shape 3: Water Elemental. £14.99 incl. Wild Shape (Wolf or Bear): Druids now are granted the shape they did not pick at level 2. A druid's wild shape should have access to roughly as damaging of an attack as a monk of similar level wielding a monk weapon. - Druid, Wild Shape write up. You can perform the somatic and verbal components of a druid spell while in a beast shape, but you aren’t able to provide material components. The current version for Fantasy Grounds Classic (FGC) of the extension is v0.0.10, released on June 16, 2019 and is below. Weapon and Armor Proficiency:Druids are proficient with the following weapons: club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and spear. Experience DDO’s first shape-shifting class, the Druid! https://www.cbr.com/dungeons-dragons-druidic-wild-shape-explained Experience DDO’s first shape-shifting class, the Druid! 3 Druid : Wild Shape 1: Wolf. You also learn another Druid cantrip (perfect) and gain more boy-scout skills like Animal Handling, Nature, or Survival. This combination is solid if you want to give more features to your Druid that don’t involve infinite Wild Shape usage. 14 Deity : Follower of: Olladra. At 20th level, you can use your Wild Shape an unlimited number of times. Let me know your thoughts. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid’s wild shape now functions as elemental body II. When taking the form of animals, a druid’s wild shape now functions as beast shape III. For any basic Druid (meaning one not in the Circle of the Moon), the giant eagle is the best Wild Shape for flight, as it’s sturdy and has a high flight speed as shown below. When combined with Rage, that means you can spend a 2nd level spell slot to heal 2d8 damage as a bonus action, but the enemy must DEAL 4d8 damage to … Each wild shape has its own specialized set of spells to cast! Experience DDO’s first shape-shifting class, the Druid! : Wild Shape 2: Winter Wolf. Archdruid. Improved Wild Empathy: Allows the druid to charm an animal (similar to the Charm monster spell) for 5 mins. Wild shape is an exciting and versatile Druid ability which a lot of people want to use, but which is easy to use badly. This also seems fairly balanced. Take heart brave adventurers that’s a real T-rex! Druid equipment is completely based on your build. Each wild shape has its own specialized set of spells to cast! Stats, ability scores, whatever you call them… this is going to be the frame work of your build. March 31, 2020: Announcing FGU support for the Druid Wild Shapes Implementor Extension (DWSI). Enhancements (80 AP) Nature's Warrior (38 AP) Poison and disease aren't a big deal, because you're made of metal. Understanding Wild Shape mostly boils down to understanding what form to take; which forms work, which forms work in specific situations, and which forms just never work. DDO Druid Build: Abilities. At 8th level, a druid can use wild shape to change into a Huge or Diminutive animal, a Medium elemental, or a Small or Medium plant creature. It was developed and play-tested with Fantasy Grounds v3.3.7 on June 15, 2019. r/ddo: Dungeons and Dragons Online. If you are melee you want to focus on your melee stats and seeker item is also very important as in in your wild shape forms you do x3 damage. A Nature cleric doesn’t shapeshift. A Nature cleric can wear any sort of armor, including heavy armor. Animal forms provide a solid option for melee builds, providing a survivable, self-sufficient attacker while spellcasting druids have excellent damage and healing. 9 Druid : Wild Shape 2: Winter Wolf. Yes, a wild shaped druid can wield a spear. 12 Druid : Wild Shape 2: Dire Bear. Options here are rather limited, but a few races exist that do it. Increase in Armor designed to make leather emulate Mail/plate armor. druid, with its healing spells and nature-themed buffs will be a welcomed addition to DDO. Can be cast in combat [Bear Form] Level 15 Can tank or off-tank the way a warrior or paladin or death knight does. Druids are proficient with light and medium armor but are prohibited from wearing metal armor; thus, they ma… buy now: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Druid Pack - Digital Download. It’s hard to tell if your fighting a natural beast a or druid in wild shape, but even Circle of the Moon druids can’t wild shape into a T-rex. 6 Druid : Wild Shape 1: Bear. Going by this, you're going to have to check with your DM, but for the most part, the answer to all of these feel like a "no." I am loosely following the above build to get a wolf druid up and running and have a couple questions. A Nature cleric has a different selection of combat spells. buy now: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Druid Pack - Digital Download ... Game Time Codes must be added to your currently active DDO VIP Subscription in order to avoid interruption to VIP access. One special attack that performs excellently for wolves is Tempest's Dance of Death. It needs a lot of work. Pretty good deal … And, the damage you are getting from the unarmed strike is just what a monk could get access to. They will receive the other shape at level 5. Starting at Level 5, druids should be able to use Wild Shape to take the shape of an animal. A druid isn’t proficient with heavy armor, and the PHB states that “druids will not wear armor or use shields made of metal.” Wild Shape is an important element of the druid.